Top 10 Best Ninja Blender Reviews 2019

Ninja blender is a modern kitchen appliance. It is smart enough, which will allow you to do many specific tasks. Not only that, it has four different types of jars that you can’t find on other blenders. I can mention a spiralizer option which one is made of two blades, and you can make noodles, ribbons, etc. using this feature.

There is a lot more feature of Ninja blenders. I will describe everything in this article. Furthermore, here you will get 10 Best Ninja Blender Reviews in 2019, their features and buying guide in details.

Best Ninja Blender in 2019 Reviews

best ninja blender reviews

Do you think which blender and food processor will be perfect for you? So, here, I describe how you can buy the most potent ninja blender when a lot of companies have different ninja designs and models?

The thing that allows you to be confident that design x will fit your needs better than design x or z? If you have these concerns in thoughts, you couldn’t beat a better position.

Here I have a short list of the top ten ninja blender. These blenders fit different costs and demands. So I try to compare ninja blender considering best buy, price, overall feature and market demand, etc. I’m confident that it will help you to find out the best price on ninja blender comparison 2019.

Note: I concentrate on the small home appliances, and here did Ninja blender reviews following the current best-selling brand of kitchen appliances. It took two months. I have checked a lot of ninja blenders to do this review. So, read to know which one passed the test and which ninja blender is best.

Top Best Ninja Blender in Comparison Chart

Blender ImageNamePrice
Ninja Professional Countertop Blender with 1100-Watt
Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender
Ninja 400-Watt Blender
Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender
Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender

My Most Recommended Top Ninja Blender:

How to Choose Ninja Blender?

Purchasing the perfect value ninja blender requires research and data. As you want to buy an item ideally that offers numerous features; you should get the blender perfect for you. If you purchase any item which one doesn’t accompany various features yet is reasonable can likewise be better for you.

Those are the things you should consider before buying the best ninja blender:

What is the purpose of buying it?

If it’s for making smoothies as well as a protein shake, then choose the one that is of higher quality. And high-quality blenders will be expensive though.

Do you need to process food with it?

For food processing, you must need a multifunction blender that you can use for various purposes.

Design and Style

There are blenders with various styles you may find out. Choose the best-suited one for you.

Which features you must want to have on your blender?

Such as high-quality blenders have heating functionality, some have a speed limit, read reviews about how those perform actually before making a buying decision.

How to Choose Best Ninja Blender

These questions you should ask yourself for getting an exact idea about what’s the best value ninja blender for you.

  1. What is the Assumed budget for this item?
  2. What is the using purpose of it?
  3. What features I want to be in it?
  4. For how many people I shall prepare foods with it?

Choose the best ninja blender after considering those factors

Before buying a perfect ninja blender, you have to know why this blender is needed and midpoints necessary before selection. Someone may love to have their favorite’s smoothie; some may like to have a protein shake, some needs soup, or some may love to dress their food. It is confusing to choose the perfect one for you because all the blenders seem the same. So I want to advise so that you get a better idea about what to buy according to your budget, needs, and choice.

Table of Contents

What do you want to make with blenders?

Ask yourself about requirement such as what you need to make with it. There are types of blender used for preparing soups or smoothie. Another example is used for preparing protein shake, milkshake, or maybe soft ingredients. And there is also the type of blender exist that is used for making harsh ingredients such as nut butter or nut milk. If you love to have a healthy smoothie, then you shouldn’t have a choice that one that works with soft ingredients.

Size of Blenders

You have to consider is it suitable to make large batches of food or not. All blenders are not capable of preparing food for your family and friends. Some meet the individual requirements only. Sizes of the cup are also significant. Some super ninja blenders come with cups of different size. So before buying it, think whether you should use it for preparing personal drinks or family drinks.

Best Budget Ninja Blenders

Many good & most robust ninja blenders are popularized. But the fact is, are you capable of buying it with your budget? Budget is also a fact of consideration. You need to choose one that you can afford and also fulfill your requirements. Most of us think that a higher price means the product is of better quality, but that’s not true. Price and quality aren’t always correlated.

A quick overview of ninja blenders

There are various types of blenders available in the market. Few popular items are compact blenders, professional series, mega kitchen system, etc.

If there is a competition between different types of product, there is compatibility with the price. It is the best things about varieties of products.

Professional Blenders

Most of the professional ninja blenders have a minimum power of 1000 watts. Button controls are made of the touchpad. With removable blade assembly, those blenders have a jar of plastic. And most of the blenders of professional series come with a 1-year warranty. If you want to do robust functions such as crushing ice, then those blenders are perfect for their high power and potent blend.

Compact Blenders

The best thing about those types of blenders is their performance can be done within a smaller space. Those are also affordable with a minimum price that offers decent power for tasks. But those are used for specific tasks such as easy blending for shakes, or food prep. Those have containers of smaller size.

Mega Kitchen Blenders

If you are looking for blenders that are efficient in frozen blending or vitamin extraction, then you should choose mixers of mega kitchen system. It has a capacity of Blending and crushing within seconds; thus, you can make so many things. The only downside is the cleaning because it takes time. You can use those for making smoothies or mixing cakes as well as making the dough.

my best ninja blender reviews

You can even make snow cones with those blenders. If you are tired of your Kitchen aid blender and food processor, you can replace those with a blender of mega kitchen system. It has more power, works faster as well as performs many more tasks. It has a removable blade that is why it is so much quicker and easier to clean. The pitcher locks onto the base is also more comfortable and smoother.

Which ninja blender is best for (smoothies, juicing or my personal life)?

My compare each ninja blender models come with its advantage and disadvantage. So which criteria make these options above the most robust ninja blender? What I did was to consider the following rules when comparing one mixer to another.

Motor power: The higher motor power blender is faster and easier to blend. However, higher power often comes with the higher price tag, so pick the one or Ninja BL770 blender that best fit your needs.

Versatility: Are you going to use ninja blender just for smoothies? Or would you like to make juice, soups, bread, or ice dessert sometimes with the blenders? Then you can choose my selected one cheap ninja blender under $100 that can do all of your work.

Storage vs. capacity: Look for neater design blender and extra storage features like wrapped cords. However, if you have extra room in your kitchen, a more substantial professional ninja blender will allow you to make more drinks to share with everyone.

Easy vs. sophisticated control: Again, consider what you will be making with your top rated ninja blender. The best ninja blender for smoothies can have only two different speeds because it’s enough for most drink recipes. Now if you would like to make soup or peanut butter shakes, look for more complex pre-programs.

Warranty time: We all always think that my blender will last as long as possible, but in case anything goes wrong, more extended warranty always helps us. In all the ninja blender warranty time goes 1year to 7 years & for VIP user it’s Lifetime.

Overall, I believe that you can’t go wrong with my selected top 10 ninja blenders above. Every ninja pro tabletop blender will give you fresh, delicious and easy smoothies in a few seconds. So look at the list above and pick the latest ninja blender for yourself.

Ninja Blender Reviews

There are a lot of models available to compare ninja blender, and it may be confusing to you to choose a most powerful ninja blender in 2019 for you among different models. You can pick the best one according to your budget and needs after reading this review.

I will compare ninja blenders with price as well as specialties. If you are in a mood for having a smoothie, grab some food in this Blender and get your favorites smoothie. It merely serves you with razor-sharp blades and smart appliance.

1. SharkNinja Professional Countertop Blender

The Ninja Professional Blender is a sophisticated, high-powered tool with a sleek design and outstanding efficiency with supreme 1100-watts power. Ninja Complete smashing rotor blades give you ideal ice crushing, mixing, pureeing, and controlled processing capability. The XL 72-oz expert mixer jar is excellent for making drinks and shakes for the whole family. The 16-oz Nutri ninja cup is best suited for healthy, customized glasses for on the go. Every aspect is BPA 100 % free.

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender

Complete Smashing Technological innovation provides powerful expert energy with rotor blades that pulverize and grind through the ice, whole fruits, and vegetables within minutes. Blast ice into snowfall within minutes and blend your favorite ingredients into delicious salsas, falls and smoothies! Nutri Ninja Supplement & Supplement Removal provides a better tasting, more nutritious kind of drink. Get a smooth, sleek, refreshing cup of benefits made entirely from whole fruits and veggies, vegetables, and ice pieces. Nutri Ninja technology provides elegant, nutrient-rich drinks filled with vitamins & fiber. Shark Ninja Professional Countertop Blender is best for ice.

Product Feature

  1. Ninja Professional Blender with Nutri Ninja Glasses has 1100-watts of expert efficiency energy with 3 speeds, pulse, and single-serve functions.
  2. 72-oz. Complete Smashing Glass pitcher pulverizes ice to snowfall within minutes for rich and creamy frozen drinks and shakes.
  3. 16-oz. & 24-oz. Nutri Ninja Glasses with To-Go Covers are ideal for creating customized, nutrient-rich drinks to take on the go.
  4. Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free areas. Every knife comes including one 1100-watt base, 72-oz. Complete Smashing Glass pitcher, two 24-ozs. And two 16-oz. Nutri Ninja Glasses with to go Covers.


  1. Shark Ninja Blender is cost-effective,
  2. It is easy to use,
  3. Also power consumption.


  1. This Blender is not available in the market place.

2. Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender with 1000-Watt Base

This Ninja professional blender is best for baby food. It is an excellent blender for creating beverages, and that is the primary reason that indicates why you should buy it. It crushes up ice extremely fine and quickly. The mixer is mostly nasty, but it doesn’t feel cheap. It is very protected. Unless you have observed both clicks of the mouse, the blender won’t start. And the significant fact is that the rotor blades are very distinct. They are tilted to create a vortex that immediately changes any fruits and veggies and vegetables inside into sticky fluid.

Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender


  1. The Ninja Professional Blender 1000 features a smooth style and excellent efficiency with 1000 watts of expert power. 64 Ounces highest possible fluid capacity
  2. Ninja Total smashing rotor blades give you ideal ice crushing, mixing, pureeing, and managed to handle. Grind ice and freezing fruits in a few moments.
  3. The 72-oz. Mixer jar is best suited for creating large groups of frothy, freezing beverages and shakes for the entire family. It is also ideal for big groups of refreshing margaritas and daiquiris.
  4. Blast ice into snowfall in a few moments and combines the best components into delightful cereal, falls, and smoothies!
  5. 6 knife set up allows you to crush ice quicker and combination components better than another mixer.


The development and designs are of high-quality as well as expert quality. If you are involved that in using a nasty glass pitcher, don’t be. It clears up completely and is definitely up to the process. It would be safe to clean it with hands. It comes apart for easy cleaning. You have to force a “release” key to take the top off. It also has a practical add spout which has its own turn-up cover. The whole unit seems stable and designed to last.


This factor is very high when constructed for mixing. That is not a con if you put it away after using, but if you plan to keep it on the reverse set up, it will make high speed and will be the highest factor on your reverse by far. It has a beautiful style, but it’s very high. Other than that, I cannot find any fault.

3. SharkNinja Mega Kitchen Blender BL-770 Blender/Food Processor

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender

The Ninja MEGA Kitchen Blender BL-770 provides professional performance and power in XL72-oz. Glass pitcher, XL 8 cup Processor Dish, 3 cup Dish, and Nutri Ninja Cups! This professional Blender has 2+ HP powerful motor that handles different tasks in a few moments, saving you from focussing on cooking, serving and savoring. The MEGA Kitchen Program is perfect for frozen mixing, meals handling, meals preparation, and Supplement removal.

Addition Extraction provides a best tasting, more nutritious kind of brew. Get a smooth, sleek, cold cup made entirely from vegetables & fruits, vegetables, and ice pieces. Nutri Ninja technological innovation provides elegant, nutrient-rich beverages filled with vitamins and fiber.

Total Smashing Technology delivers irresistible professional power with blades that pulverize and grind through ice, whole fruits and vegetables in a few moments. Blast ice into snow in a few moments and blend your favorite ingredients into delicious cereal, falls, and smoothies! SharkNinja Mega Kitchen Blender BL-770 is the perfect ninja blender lowest price.


  1. 2 Horsepower – 1500 H Expert Kitchen System
  2. XL 72oz. Expert Mixer with Complete Smashing Technology
  3. XL 8 Cup Food Processing Dish for Cutting and Dough Making
  4. 2 Specialist Nutri Ninja Glasses for Supplement and Supplement Extraction
  5. 1 Cup Dish in Dish Cutting Knife for Everything from Meal Prep to Final Touches


  1. Consume Low Electricity,
  2. Cost-effective,
  3. Easy to use.


  • This Blender is not available in the market place.

4. Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender with 1200-Watt Auto-iQ Base

Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender

This design is famous nowadays for the more magnificent energy mixer, especially if you are going for making anything with ice. The mixer is Amazing. The new rotor blades up the middle create a significant distinction when you are combining. Also, there is a warning that they are incredibly distinct and will cut you while you are washing them if you are not cautious.

You can create freezing beverages, broth, Chile ecological marinade and some other things in it. It functions well, and the lid hair in position AND has a little cap you can withdraw if you want to add anything while it is combining. That is an essential function to everyone while making broth. The shake glasses are attractive.

It creates a different shake almost in the morning hours because it is so simple and performs so well. You can have a quick fix if there is any ice that isn’t already mashed in the cup. But there is no problem like that on this device. It pulverizes the ice whenever. The covers took a little getting used to, but if you make a closure with the oral cavity area around the whole starting, it is simple to consume from them. If you dislike the covers, you can use massive hay for the shakes. Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender with 1200-Watt Auto-iQ Base is the best alternative to a ninja bullet.

It is the configurations for nutrient and ultra- nutrient! So you put your shake on the mixer and choose one of those configurations, and you can altogether leave. They are timed and do the impulses and things for you so you don’t have to sit there for a few minutes and enjoy its combination you can package your lunchtime or do a few other little tasks while it is combining and return and it has ceased itself and is just awaiting you.

On a few events, you may not get enough fluid in. No problems it still combined the junk out of the things within, but there is just no way to consume it. So you can add a little more fluid combination again, and you are good to go. It is so simple. There is a time on the real mixer that permits you to know how lengthy you have been combining at a specific rate. Of if you are blinking, it reveals how many impulses you’ve done. This feature is appreciated as you don’t have to look at a time or depend on yourself.

Product Feature

  1. Auto-IQ Technology features timed, brilliant mixing programs that do the work for you, no anxiety required!
  2. XL 72 oz. Total Smashing Mixer pulverizes ice to snowfall in seconds for rich and creamy freezing beverages and smoothies.
  3. Nutri Ninja Pro Machine Rotor blades break down whole vegetables and fruits, vegetables, ice and plant seeds for highest possible vitamin &vitamin extraction.
  4. It is Small, Regular, and Large Multi-Serve Nutri Ninja Glasses with Sip & Closure Covers for nutrient-rich Super Mindset on-the-go.
  5. 1200 Watts/2 HP of Professional Performance Power.


  1. It blends everything SO EASILY.
  2. The original blending container is big and square.
  3. It also looks super intimidating.


  1. Its blades are dangerous when you remove.

5. Ninja 400-Watt Blender/Food Processor for Frozen Blending, Chopping and Food Prep

Ninja 400 Watt Blender Food Processor

Put the energy in the hand of your hand with the multi-talented Ninja Expert Preparation that mashes ice into snowfall in a few moments, combinations freezing fresh fruits into frothy shakes, and grinds raw components evenly! Mince, cube, cut, combination, and combination for reliable leads to the 16 oz (2 cups) helicopter dish and get ideal freezing mixing in the 48 oz (6 cups) glass pitcher.

The exchangeable and ergonomic office 400-watt energy pod quickly changes between the 16-oz helicopter dish or 48-ounce glass pitcher for involved flexibility in your kitchen. The seed comes with a large one-touch blinking key for the most excellent control and positive outcomes.

Wide, no-slip angles and splash guards on the glass pitcher and helicopter keep everything stable and fresh. For involved comfort, storage space covers are involved in maintaining the meals, as well as all detachable areas, are dishwasher-safe. Buy this Blender because this is the best all-around to deal on ninja blender 2019.

Product Feature

  1. Frozen mixing and ideal, even chopping
  2. Two ideally scaled jugs. EASY TO USE: Ergonomic function with one contact blinking makes a user-friendly and secure product
  3. Anti-spill sprinkle safe, easy-flip add spout, and non-slip base
  4. 2-cup Processed minces, dices, grinds, combinations and purees
  5. It comes including 400 Watts Power Pod, 48 oz. Pitcher, Placed Knife Set up, Pitcher Splash Guard, 16 oz. Chopper Bowl, Cutting Knife Set up, and Chopper Splash Guard.


You can use it right away to make freezing margaritas. These are the best margaritas that you can have with it to the time frame. You can get two storage space containers, two covers three rotor blades, the engine, and sheets. The big glass pitcher is full-size, by the way. It is a little what you can call, “top-heavy” and you will get used to this. There’s only one rate, and all you have to do is purchasing it right now.


There are no serious drawbacks. However, you can have a little problem linking the engine to the lid to the top. Second, for the foodstuff handling blades: you won’t make sure to eliminate one of them, and it basically will puree your fresh vegetables. Always make sure to get rid of one of the rotor blades if you want to cut something here real quick. It won’t damage your supper, but you won’t get the overall look.

6. Ninja Mega Kitchen System (Blender, Processor, Nutri Ninja Cups) BL770

Ninja Mega Kitchen System Blender

The Ninja Super Kitchen Blender (1500) provides the Professional Efficiency & Power to Deal with the wide Range Of Kitchen Projects. From Juicing, Meals Handling, Freezing Combining and Money Combining, This Flexible 2 Hp/1500-Watt Meals Processed Can Do It All. It Comes Prepared with an Xl Mixer Presenting a Boa-Free, 72-Oz. Glass pitcher with Add Spout and 6-Blade Set up, An Xl Meals Processed With 8-Cup Dish Capacity That Creates 2 Lbs.

Of Money in 30 A few moments, And 2 Boa-Free, 16 Oz. Single Serve Glasses with Built-In Juicing/Blending Rotor Blades and Travel Covers. The Super Kitchen System Provides Superior Full-Sized Mixer Efficiency and One-Touch Blinking for Maximum Control Plus Quad Knife Technology for Consistent Cutting and Ice Smashing Action.

Product Feature

  1. This Qualified Renovated item is examined and certified to look and work like new. The renovating process includes performance monitoring, necessary cleaning, examination, and repackaging. The subject delivers with all appropriate accessories, a minimum 90-day assurance, and may appear in a generic box. 72 oz. Total Smashing Glass pitcher pulverizes ice to snow within minutes for rich and creamy frozen beverages and shakes.
  2. 8-Cup Meals Processed Dish provides ideal, even cutting and comprises to 2 lbs. of dough in Half a minute.
  3. Two 16 oz. Nutri Ninja cups with To-Go lids are ideal for creating customized, nutrient-rich beverages to take on the go.
  4. Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free parts.


  1. Cost-effective,
  2. Easy to use,
  3. Power consumption.


  1. This Blender is not available in all the market place.

7. Ninja Countertop Blender with 1000-Watt Auto-iQ Base for Shakes, Smoothies and Frozen Drinks

Ninja Countertop Blender with 1000 Watt

The Ninja mixer 1200 is their first Auto-iQ separate mixer with more energy than they have ever provided before. This mixer provides 1200 h of energy creating this their most effective separate mixer yet. Auto-IQ technological innovation provides brilliant applications that merge timed blinking, mixing, and putting a hold on styles that do the job.

Blender pitcher’s complete smashing technological innovation provides outstanding expert energy with rotor blades that pulverize and grind through the ice, whole fruits, and vegetables within minutes. No more need to Eat on your Large shakes, with complete smashing technological innovation everything gets combined so you will have a simple and even reliability every time. The glass pitcher, rotor blades, and lid are BPA 100 % free and are it dishwasher secure.

It is an excellent high-powered mixer. There is a much less highly effective ninja you will find that may survive for 3 years of extensive use (smoothies, baby food, and purees). But those won’t do well mixing and more complicated meals. This one is amazing you can use for purees and shakes, and it works like a dream. It efficiently combinations more complicated meals into impressive shake reliability.

The only disadvantage is you may find you have to run the shake setting twice for excellent security, but not enough of an issue to take a star from other’s rating. This one is Great mixer at a cheaper cost.

Product Feature

  1. Auto-IQ technological innovation features timed, brilliant mixing applications that do the job, no anxiety required,
  2. XL 72 oz. (64 oz. Max liquid capacity) complete smashing mixer glass pitcher pulverizes ice to snow within minutes for frothy freezing drinks and smoothies,
  3. 1200 h of expert performance strength,
  4. The glass pitcher, rotor blades, and lid are BPA 100 % free and is dishwasher secured.


  1. High-powered Blender
  2. Cleaning very easy


  1. Price is comparably high.

8. Ninja Personal Blender (6oz) ,Countertop Blender (48oz), and Food Processor

Ninja 16oz Personal Blender

Ninja Personal Blender (6oz), Countertop Blender (48oz), and Food Processor (940oz) with 550-Watt Base with Slicing / Grating / Shredding Attachments (BL-201) are the best for smoothies. The Ninja Kitchen Area System Beat gives you the ability and convenience to live cook by combining Ninja Complete Excellent technological with Nutri Ninja cups, a processor bowl and too much easy to use attachments for all the kitchen needs. By using 550 watts energy, Beat Technology provides reliable, equally prepared & blended components every time.

You can grind ice into the snowfall, combine refreshing beverages, process clean components equally, make juice of whole fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, and massage dough! Complete Excellent Technology delivers professional energy with rotor crush on the ice, whole pure fruits &pure vegetables in a few times. Blast ice into snowfall in a few times and combine your favorite components into delightful sauces and smoothies!

This personal ninja blender handles all of your mixing and Money making needs. With the high-quality stainless-steel rotor blades, crush ice and freezing fruit in seconds! The hook allows you to effortlessly mix pizzas and bread money, while the paddle is perfect for making delightful biscuit doughs! Vitamin and Vitamin Extraction provides a better eating, more nutritious kind of infusion. Get the smooth, fresh cup of goodness made entirely from natural fruits, pure vegetables & ice cubes.

Product Feature

  1. Frozen mixing to create creamy smoothies,
  2. Food processing for reliable, equally prepared ingredients,
  3. Knead biscuit and pizzas dough,
  4. Single serves to mix for beverages on the go,
  5. 550 Watts of power.


  1. Smoothies,
  2. Margarita’s but small enough,
  3. Cost-effective,
  4. Strong.


  1. Complex operation

9. Nutri Ninja Personal Blender with 1000-Watt Auto-iQ Base to Extract Nutrients for Smoothies, Juices and Shakes

Nutri Ninja Personal Blender with 1000 Watt

The Nutri Ninja with Auto-iQ has Auto-IQ Technological innovation features with brilliant applications that merge exclusively timed blinking, mixing and putting a hold on styles that perform tasks efficiently. Each pre-programmed setting is designed to do the job and provide reliable and delightful drinks with highly effective Supplement and Supplement.

Extraction – all at the contact of submitting. Along with Nutri Ninja Pro Machine Rotor blades, Auto-iQ makes whole fruits and veggies, fresh vegetables, ice and plant seeds for highly effective Supplement & Supplement Extraction. Small & Regular Nutri Ninja Glasses with Spout Covers allow you to make a nutrient-rich super mindset to take on the go. All parts are BPA free and are it dishwasher safe.

Auto-IQ Technological innovation:

One-Touch Intellect for much healthier living, made simple. Auto-IQ helps you and give you a suggestion of what to do! Unique mixing, blinking, and putting a hold on styles to provide reliable, even outcomes whenever. Press the key, and it’s done! Auto-IQ applications do the task for your given task —there’s does not need to tremble, mix. Select your favorite Auto-iQ, and in seconds you are ready to Jump Start your day! Ninja Auto-iQ Technologies are pre-programmed configurations with exclusive mixing styles that provide sleek reliable outcomes, with no anxiety required.

Product Feature

  1. Powerful 1000-Watts,
  2. Auto-IQ applications provide one-touch intelligence,
  3. Extract healthy shakes & juices,
  4. Twist on a lid for pure on-the-go drinking. Use a wet fabric to clean the motor platform clean,
  5. Crush ice, plant seeds & freezing ingredients at the contact of a button.

The Product Comes Including

 1000-Watt Base with Auto-iQ, (1) 18 oz. TritanNutri Ninja Cup, (1) 24 oz. TritanNutri Ninja Cup, (1) 32 oz. TritanNutri Ninja Cup, (2) Spout Covers, 30-Recipe Motivation Information, Training Book, Quick Begin Guide


  1. Easy to operation,
  2. Strong,
  3. High-Speed motor,
  4. Auto Control.


  1. Not cost effective

10. NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System, Gray (600 Watts)

NutriBullet NBR 1201

The Nutri Bullet NBR-12 12-Piece Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer Program by Magic Topic is portable, safe for kids, easy to use and effortlessly pulverizes vegetables and fruits, vegetables, superfoods and proteins drink into a beautiful, sleek texture. The Nutri-Bullet’s energy, trademarked knife style, and cyclonic activity combine to draw out all of the nutrients from the meals helping you to achieve the best lifestyle possible today. To get the most out in your daily lifestyle, you need to get the most out of the meals.

This device is manufactured in conformity with US & Canada Electrical Standards. This device should not be used with any Adaptor or Voltage converter device, nor should it be used outside of the United States or Canada. Use of Plugs and Converters is considered an illegal modification of the item and as such will gap the assurance.

NutriBullet Product is the quiet and this is the suitable item out there to make healthier, better drinks that can help you to fight and reduce the disease, relieve pain, promote fitter, good skin, &even add years to your daily lifestyle. The secret is the NutriBullet’s new machine technology which uses a 600 watts’ engine with cyclonic activity.

Fraxel treatments break down & pulverize arises, plant seeds, themes where most of the essential nutrition lies unlike what juice extractors & mixers do. It adds your favorite vegetable & fruits, vegetable & boosts to the NutriBullet, along with some water then draw out the ingredients into a sleek, tasty drink. The best part is a NutriBlast takes only a few moments to prepare; it needs a few moments to clean and couldn’t be easier to take on the go.

Product Feature

  1. Effortlessly pulverizes vegetables and fruits, vegetables, and superfoods for healthier proteins drinks and green smoothies
  2. High-torque energy platform and 600-watt motor
  3. Powerful, trademarked stainless-steel knife style with cyclonic action
  4. Includes energy platform, one tall cup, two short cups, one flat knife, one emulsifying knife, two re-sealable covers, pocket dietician and guide with recipes
  5. Includes 1-year assurance and access to hundreds of smoothie recipes
  6. Refer the User Manual before use


  1. Cost-effective
  2. Easy to use
  3. Power consumption


  1. Complex Operation

What is Blenders?

A blender is a kitchen appliance used to mix, puree, or emulsify food and other substances. A stationary mixer consists of a blender jar with blades at the bottom, rotated by a motor in the base – Blenders are commonly found in almost every kitchen. It has a different type of use. Some popular applications are noted in bellow:

  1. Grind spices and seeds into powders,
  2. Blend different ingredients into an excellent mixture,
  3. Make smooth purees of cooked vegetables and meat,
  4. Convert solids into liquids,
  5. Crush ice for use in alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, etc.

What is Ninja Blender?

Ninja Blender is a popular product from Euro-Pro and Mark Rosenzweig, CEO of SharkNinja. It is a pioneer brand in the small household appliances producing industry. The easiness and competitive pricing make the product unique and accessible all type of people all over the world.

Whenever you have a Ninja Blender, creating creamy smoothies from fruits and ice is a matter of seconds. You can blend fruits and vegetables into nutritious drinks. It effortlessly minces, chop, grind and combine a variety of ingredients for easy meal preparation. Moreover, it also turns dry and wet ingredients into bread and decadent desserts in seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Ninja Blenders:

Which Ninja is the best?

Answer: Ninja most of the products splendid, so without tension, you can buy any Ninja products depends on your need.

2. What can the Ninja Blender do?

Answer: The Ninja Professional Blender is an experienced, high-powered impressive device with a smooth design and excellent efficiency, a reliable resource to any kitchen. It is perfect for ice smashing, mixing, pureeing, and managed handling. With the Ninja® Expert Mixer, you’ll enjoy 1000 H.

3. Which blender is the best to buy?

Answer: If you want to buy a cheap and powerful blender, then I will suggest you purchase basic ninja blender because their, most of the products are good, so without tension, you can try our cheapest place to buy a ninja blender with on your need. Some mixers are of significant size, and some are small. So, you can check our ninja blender models comparison to make a decision.

4. What is the best blender for the money?

Answer: If you want to save your money when you need a powerful blender with the best rating, then I will suggest you buy the best ninja mega kitchen system.

6. What is the excellent ninja blender for smoothies?

Answer: Ninja Personal Blender (6oz), Countertop Blender (48oz), and Food Processor (940oz)with 550-Watt Base with Slicing / Grating / Shredding Attachments (BL-201) is smoothie’s blender in superpower.

7. Which Nutri Ninja is best?

Answer: SharkNinja Professional Countertop Blender is the best nutri ninja blender.

8. Is the Ninja Blender BPA free?

Answer: A Ninja Total Crushing blade gives you ideal ice crushing, mixing, pureeing, and managed to handle. The XL 72 oz. Expert mixer jar is excellent for making beverages and shakes for the whole family. Every aspect is BPA free and is it dishwasher safe.

9. Which Ninja is best for juicing?

Answer: A lot of ninja blender is best for juicing, but I refer Vitamix 5200 Series Blender and Breville Hemisphere Smooth.

10. Is Ninja a blender?

Answer: Yes, Ninja is the best blender brand in 2019.

What is the warranty on a ninja blender?

Euro-Pro Operating LLC, the organization which makes Ninja blenders, provides a one year guarantee on all its Ninja products. During this period, the organization provides the cost of repair or alternative of your product condition with several conditions. The assurance only reaches the leading buyer of the equipment.

ninja blender warranty system

Can Ninja Blender be put in the dishwasher?

Answer: says the NJ600’s rotor blades, glass pitcher and lid are dishwasher-safe. While your knife, glass pitcher and lid are getting cleaned in the dishwasher, you can make fresh your Ninja’s engine platform. Never involve the engine platform in mineral water or any liquid; wash it down with a wet fabric or sponge or fabric.

12. Are Ninja blenders dangerous?

Answer: No. Ninja blenders aren’t dangerous. You can use ninja blenders in your everyday life.

13. What is the top ninja blender to buy?

Answer: SharkNinja BL770 Mega Kitchen System and Ninja Nutri BL455 Professional Personal Blender is perfect to buy.

14. What is the most potent ninja blender?

Answer: Ninja Mega Kitchen System is the best, and alternative Ninja Professional Blender with Nutri Ninja Cups (BL-660) is the most potent ninja blender in 2019.

15. Which ninja blender is the best?

Answer: Ninja Professional Blender (BL-660) is the best-rated ninja blender in 2019.

16. Which is the excellent ninja blender to buy?

Answer: Ninja Professional with Nutri Ninja Cups (BL-660) is the best blender to buy for making your green smoothies at home.

17. Which ninja blender should I buy?

Answer: It totally depends on your purpose and demand. But you can read our full buyer guide to buy a ninja top blender in 2019.

18. Which ninja blender is best for smoothies?

Answer: Ninja 16oz Personal Blender, 48oz Countertop Blender, and 40oz Food Processor with 550-Watt Base with Slicing /Shredding/Grating Attachments (BL201) is smoothie’s blender in our best ninja for smoothies list.

How to work a ninja blender?

The Ninja blender is fussy. You have to make sure the lid is on with the spout straight reverse. And if the top is not closed down absolutely, the energy key will display red and not begin. Also, ensure that the glass pitcher of the mixer is on the bottom properly.

How to turn on ninja blender?

In the blender have a switch; turn on the switch than ninja blender turns on.

How to clean ninja blender?

Pour the water in the blender: Fill up your mixer glass pitcher about midway with warm the water from a pot or the tap.

Add plate soap: Add just a fall of plate detergent.

Turn on the blender: Put the mixer glass pitcher back on the bottom and hold the lid down with a soft towel.

Learn more about ninja blenders cleaning

How to remove ninja blender from base?

If your mixer allows for the mixer jug and blade to remove as one, then fill your drain with warm soapy standard water and drain the container inside. Wash it away to encourage the soap standard water to loosen the seal sitting cozily between the jug and the blades.

How to operate ninja blender?

There is nothing different between ninja top blender because it’s easy to use like another best blender. So, you can use this powerful ninja blender as you want. You have to be careful!

Ninja Blender Kitchen Systems

Wouldn’t it be better if one appliance could take over the functions of multiple machines? When one single gadget can perform the duties of two or more devices, it would mean saving on storage space and the cost of purchasing multiple units. It would be easier to operate one single appliance than various groups. Ninja kitchen perfect blender combines the functions of many tools into one personal gadget. A single blender kitchen appliance can do:

best ninja blender reviews

a. Frozen Blending – Crush ice into snow in seconds for making drinks and frozen treats

b. Dough mixing – Get dough ready in no time to cook pastries, pasta, cookies, and bread

c. Food processing – Chop fresh vegetables and greens and use to give final touches to food preparation d. Juicing – Make healthy and delicious drinks with juice extracted from fruits and vegetables

d. Juicing – Make healthy and delicious drinks with juice extracted from fruits and vegetables

Ninja Blender Cooking Systems

Ninja blenders cooking system introduces professional cooking technology to your kitchen. Cooking becomes up to 50% faster and easier. One single vessel is capable of doing all your, and hence you don’t have to clean up various vessels after cooking. The new system uses triple heat technology, which harnesses direct heat from the bottom, heat from the sides, and the steam heat from the top.

Delicious and healthier meals are cooked faster, using less fat and energy. The system is programmable. You can program and leave your home. When you come back home, delicious meals will be ready waiting for you.


Euro-pro prides itself in offering today’s busy consumer, better and more efficient products. Their brand of home appliances is an asset of any kitchen and it is valued by customers as among the best in the sector. You will find a tool for every job in the kitchen.

It’s essential that you make the right decision when you are considering purchasing a kitchen appliance. Ninja Blender reviews are designed to help make your choice easier by listing out the pros and cons of each of the best-selling ninja blenders and kitchen appliance in 2019. Many different models are available, each aimed at a specific need. The product description and features listed in the review page here will guide you in deciding if the particular model will suit your need.

Ninja blenders are backed up by excellent customer support. Should you ever need service, service technicians are only a phone call away.


When you are buying ninja top blenders from Amazon, make sure you read our ninja blender reviews with best deals. Though there are a lot of options available, you should only focus on your needs and budget and should choose the best-suited one for you. We provided that article for making your way easier in taking decisions. Those are the gadgets that I have discusses are efficient enough to make healthy drinks for you with less time.

Best Ninja Blender Buying Guide

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