Smoothie Ninja Blender Easy Recipes In 2024

Packed with all the minerals and vitamins available in fresh fruits and vegetables, smoothies are a perfect and delicious way of getting your daily requirement of proteins and healthy fats.

What are smoothies?

Smoothies are liquid extracts from whole fruits and vegetables. “A smoothie (alternatively spelled smoothy, the name comes from the smooth property of the emulsion) is a blended and sometimes sweetened beverage made from fresh fruit (fruit smoothie) and in special cases can contain chocolate or peanut butter” – wikipedia. These delightful drinks not only taste good but also give you the vitamins, antioxidants and fiber that you need to stay healthy.

What better way to get your five portions of fruit a day than to whip some fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts in a blender and make a delicious smoothie. There are many, especially kids, who don’t like eating vegetables or whole fruits. Smoothies are a great alternative for such people, who have been missing on the important vitamins and minerals. They can now join the growing number of people who are drinking them instead.

How to make a smoothie?

Smoothies Ninja Blender

The heartening fact is that there is no fixed recipe for a smoothie. Your tastes and preferences dictate what goes into the blender. Match your tastes and preferences with your choice of vegetables and fruits. When you have spent some time making smoothies, your taste preferences will drive you to develop your own recipes.

There are four basic ingredients to make a smoothie:


Adding liquid smooth ens the blending process. Although water would be sufficient, people prefer to use dairy milk, yoghurt or fruit juices as they tend to give a better taste. There are other alternatives too – Soya milk, Almond or coconut milk, tea and coffee.

Fruits and Vegetables

Bananas are a popular choice as they help to thicken the smoothie and also give a neutral taste. All types of fruits are used. Try and rotate the type so that you are able to use fruits of different type and color to enjoy the beneficial health effects that accompany every type of fruit. Among vegetables, select the fresh seasonal variety. Carrots, beet and Greens like spinach are a common choice.

Other ingredients

Cinnamon, honey, brown sugar or powdered sugar, nutmeg and vanilla extract add flavor to the smoothie. Protein and vitamin powders are added to supplement the nutritional value of the drink. Wheat and Barley grass powders, Chlorella and Spirulina provide additional health benefits. Peanut butter, Chia and Flax seeds and oats are also blended in to get their respective nutritional values.

Ice and ice cream

Ice cream is a popular ingredient of a smoothie. It gives the drink a dessert type of taste. More often frozen fruits are used to give the drink a thick consistency. If you are using fresh fruits, ice cubes may be added to give the drink a thicker and cooler texture.

Process of blending

Blend all the ingredients until they form a liquid. The liquid should be freely circulating in the blender. Blending may take 30 to 45 seconds. Do not overload your blender. It is worth investing in a good blender. We recommend Ninja Professional Blender which enjoys good customer rating in the market.

Start your day with a quick and healthy smoothie. Smoothies are healthy, convenient and portable and provide you with the energy you need to work through your busy day.

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