Juicing Recipes for Diabetics – 7 Fruits Recipe

Fruit juices have a large amount of sugar, which can increase the sugar level in the body very rapidly. The peoples who have the disease of diabetics should avoid taking the juice.

When these people simply take fruit, it consists of less sugar level as compared to juices of fruits. But there are some fruits and vegetables are using in the juice for reducing the sugar level in juices.

So the patients of diabetics need to choose those fruit that has less amount of sugar. All the fruits as well vegetables are a significant source of phytonutrients, so these are beneficial in the case of diabetics.

Benefits of these juices:

These juices recopy an excellent source of all nutrients and bacteria. Juices are useful to increase the immune system of the human body.

The nutrients that include in the fruits and vegetables can quickly get through the juice as compared to eating fruits. Juices prevent the body from cancer as well as make better the digestion system of the body.

The diabetics patient who has not a better immune system can use the fresh juices in their daily life.


7 Juicing Recipes For Diabetics

Green Apple: Juice of green apple is beneficial for the patient of diabetics. The sugar level in green apple is less than compared to red apple’s, so; green apple juice reduces carbohydrate digestion for diabetic patients. Read related content – top 5 Apple juicers.

Asparagus in juices:  When asparagus is used in juices, this will regulate the blood level.

Green beans in juices: Green beans juices are consist of green beans, and then it will stable the sugar level.

Bitter Mellon juice: Bitter Mellon juice is a significant source of oleanolic acid glycosides, which can use to regulate glucose levels.

Celery in juice: Celery will use in juice, and the digestive system can make the best.

Juice of watermelon: The juice of watermelon can use to reduce the blood level.

7 Juices Recipe for Diabetes

First recipe: First, take the celery of two stalks and put one cucumber in it. Also, add one green apple and take one cup of spinach.

All these ingredients put together in a juicer. Green juice is best for the immune system. We can put in a carrot for formulating the juice sweet.

Second juice recipe: First, we should take the celery of two stalks. Add one carrot and cucumber also. Other ingredients such as medium red pepper or funnels bulb and add one lime also.

Mix these ingredients and put them all together in a juicer. Celery juice is also most beneficial for diabetic patients.

Third juice recipe: The green juice recipe is also for the patient of diabetics. Take the Brussels sprouts. Add the two cups of string beans.

 For making the juice, then add the one cucumber as well as lemon. Put all these things into the juicer and make the fresh juice.     

Forth recipe of juice: Similarly, as above, the other recipe ingredients include two tomatoes and add two green apples or one handful of parsley in watercress.

 All these ingredients should put together in a juicer. Green apple juice maintains the blood level and sugar level in the body.

Fifth juice recipe: First, take the leaves of kale and spinach. Make mix together and add one cucumber in them. Take the five stalks of celery with the branch of parsley.

 These things mix in the juicer and make the juice. Cucumber juice is most beneficial for the blood pressure also maintains the sugar level in the body.

Green beans juice recipe: Green bean juice recipe includes one cucumber or two cups of fresh beans and takes one apple. When mixing all these things in a juicer, then add the one lemon.

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