Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 Reviews 2024

Blender is essential stuff in the kitchen nowadays. Ninja mega kitchen system BL770 allows you to do several jobs in a while. 

Having fresh juice of vegetables and fruits in the morning is a regular habit for conscious people. Who wants to make juice traditionally? 

The answer is no one. I got just the blender as a solution to consume nutrients and minerals of vegetables and fruits. Ice is a common ingredient in juices. To crush hard ice pack ninja mega 1500 kitchen system is the only stuff that can do the job properly.

High-speed motor and big pitchers have made the blender user-friendly to the users. 

Stop cutting corners anymore. I have made a long story short on the ninja mega kitchen system BL770 review.   

Features of Ninja mega kitchen system 1500

Ninja Mega Kitchen System

Professional performance: The core feature of this ninja mega food processor is its professional performance. Every kitchen lovers would like to keep a higher power blender. 

Only a higher power blender can provide you with a professional feeling with its high watt motor. Ninja developers have made the blender exceptional with update technology and attention-grabbing facilities. 

A 72-oz pitcher doubles the capacity of food processing. Next, It can make up to 2 lbs of dough in just 30 seconds. Then, two 16-oz ninjas allow the user to make personal juice or smoothie is just a few seconds

Ninja mega 1500 system enables you to experience faster, cheaper, update, and perfect professional feeling. 

Attractive body outlook: Stainless steel has made the outlook of the blender so attractive. BPA free jars and pitcher allows you to lead tension-free use. 

Ninja mega kitchen system is black. The black color gives it a premium look. The crushing pitcher jars and cups have glossy looks with a glass-plastic combination.

Amazing blending capacity: 1500-watt motor creates extreme torque that can process 8 cups of food in a while. As a professional blender, Ninja mega food processor saves time to prepare your targeted food or smoothie. 

Extra cups are capable to process different foods regarding the choice and demand of the users. Users can choose the perfect jar or cup regarding the space and blades they needed. Selecting a suitable cup will be more efficient in saving time and nutrition.  

Your trusted kitchen tool: Simple use of the blender has made it popular for kitchen lovers. Anybody can use the blender with just a single reading the user manual. The blender enables you a tension-free cooking life. 

Say no more package juice for your children. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables and pour all of them into the jar. Switch on the blender with perfect speed. Have your fresh organic drinks. The manufacturing company is offering you one-year warranty. Be familiar with the new blender reading the user manual. 

Advanced technology: Just look at the button and built the quality of the blender. 2HP motor is the first touch of technology. We know a 2HP motor how much powerful. 

This blender of power bank saves your time as well as allows you to other tasks in the kitchen at the same time. Users can control the speed easily. You can push the speed one and pay attention to other works. In the case of a hurry, you can direct the full speed.   

Perfect controlling system: Users will get nothing more without the speed buttons. The 8 cups have to-go-lids that indicate the pressure level. Anybody can read the user guide easy to know the perfect controlling system. Users will get an advantage if they can be familiar with the blender. 

After the rough use of the blender, the user can put off the jars and cups easily and rinse them into the water. Hassle-free cleaning opportunity is an advantage.  

Users: The blender offers use all in one service. Cooking experts, chefs, public, and adults can use the blender blindly. The easy controlling system encourages all types of users to push the button. Personal users will get an advantage in the longevity of the blender. 

Do not shame to try the blender once to make your breakfast juice. I hope, you have a new experience with a frozen smoothie in the morning table. 

Blending ingredients: From the hard vegetables or ice to the soft one, the user can put anything into the jar. Press the high-speed button. Wait for a while and get the mixture. 2HP of 1500-watt motor can crush and chop anything to turn them into tiny sizes. 

Mainly vegetables and fruits are preferable for the blender. Users can test the power of the high-speed motor pouring a hard pack of ice. When you are making healthy juice, try to control the speed so that the nutrients can stay in the right amount. 

User guide: A new user must read the user guide to operate the blender properly. Developer encourages you to use the blender providing necessary instructions in the user guide. Look at the user guide. You can learn the variation of the ingredient that you can process with the blender. 

process with the blender. 

What’s included in Ninja mega kitchen system 1500

  • A 2HP 1500-watt motor is the main power source of the blender.
  • A crushing pitcher with total 72-oz
  • An 8 cup food processor bowl allows you to process huge ingredients at a quick time.
  • Very dough blades are powerful to chop hard frozen ingredients.
  • 2 16-oz cups allow you to process a few ingredients.
  • A user manual or instructional guide provides you the necessary instruction to operate the blender.
  • A warranty card ensures you a year to use the blender tension free.


The high-speed motor saves time and crushes any hard ice bark or ingredients easily in just a while. Speed and accuracy is the key feature of the blender.

Using the blender is so easy that anybody can use it. Although professionals use the blender in their kitchen, personal users also get advantages.

Users are getting one year of warranty from the manufacturing company. They just need to follow some rules operating the blender.

Ninja mega kitchen system blender is a popular brand. You have the chance to judge the customer reviews before buying the blender. 

Although the Ninja mega kitchen blender is a premium level blender, you can get at the cheapest price. 

The max time of processing food in the blender is just 30 seconds. It allows you to do another job tension-free at the same time. 

Extra two cups allow the user to process different ingredients in the same blender. BPA free stainless steel metal body is a sign of strong build quality.

What can you do with this professional blender?

A professional blender allows users to accomplish many tasks in a while. You can do several jobs with this single blender. 

The blender allows you to make juice with fresh vegetables and fruits. Just wash the vegetables and fruits, pour them into the jar, and have your healthy smoothies.

Next, users can prepare foods cutting into tinny sizes. Extra two cups allow the users to process ingredients to cook dishes. 

You are getting all in one offered by this ninja mega kitchen system blender. 


There is nothing special to take care of the blender. Try to clean the blender after every use. Learn how to put off the pitcher and jars. Put off the jars carefully and rinse them into water. 

Always use warm water to clean the jars. Do not forget to clean the blades also. Although developers used stainless steel to make the body and blades, you should clean the tools eventually. 

Keep the blender in a safe place. The blender can have a slippery substance at the bottom. Use the blender holding it into the slip less place. 

Why do you have to buy the blender?

Firstly, you must buy the blender to get professional experience in your kitchen. If you are a passionate person, you always enjoy cooking easily. 

Secondly, the blender is so fast in processing any kind of food. Accurate operating speed will provide you healthy juice. 

Thirdly, being a pro blender, you can buy the blender at a cheap price. The blender is very popular that you can judge the customer reviews.

Finally, you are getting a warranty card for one year. You can use the blender for a year of tension-free. In the case of any problem, the company will provide you the necessary support.

Bottom line

If you have a ninja mega kitchen system BL770 at your kitchen already, you are a lucky person. I have discussed all the pros and cons of the blender eventually for the sake of your betterment.

Scroll up to read the features and specification again. Now you should visit the market place and know the updated price. 

Do not forget to read the user manual and warranty card. Before operating the blender, you should learn the instructions properly.

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