Does Blending Destroy Nutrients and Fiber?

Nutrient and fiber is the most valuable elements for our body to improve your immune system and your health. The question is, does blending destroy nutrient and fiber?

The answer is yes for nutrient and no for fiber. But some essential factors is working behind. So, you have to know the elements.

People think that blending destroys food nutrient and Fiber from fresh fruit. If you believe that does, then you are wrong.

Fibre is not get dissolved by blending. But when the question is about Nutrient, then the Nutrient get down by passing of time after making the Smoothie for Oxidation.

Here, we try to clarify the misunderstanding among the people about blending Smoothie’s Nutrient and Fiber.

Does Blending Destroy Nutrients And Fiber

What is Nutrient and Fiber, and why we need them?

Before knowing about the destroy factor, we need to understand why we need and what is Nutrient?

The Nutrient is a substance which helps our body to grow up, build the immune system and reproduction. We get Nutrient from various types of food and fruits. Our body cannot produce Nutrient. Nutrients are two types:

  • Macronutrients
  • Micronutrients

Macronutrients supply Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat and water where Micronutrient offers vitamin and mineral.

A large number of Macronutrient and a small amount of Micronutrient need for our body to grow up.

On the other hand, Fiber helps us with your digestion system. Fibre is the only element that makes our blood clear and controls our blood sugar level and working against cancer.

why need a blender in kitchen

Does blend destroy Nutrient?

Yes, blending destroys nutrient, but that is not significant. Let’s be clear about a concept. Do you know what oxidation is?

When we peel fruit or any vegetable and keep in the open place, you can see the peeled side get black after some times. The black spot occurs because of Oxidation and destroys a little number of nutrients.

The situation occurs at the time of chewing also. So, the concept is clear that we lose some nutrient all the time. The amount of loss depends on the Oxidation.

So, if you blend fruit or vegetables and keep them in the open air or freeze the Oxidation occurs and make the amount of nutrient down if you keep that for a long time the amount of nutrient getting down according to time.

Another question arises that heat of blending destroy Nutrient.

The answer No. Heat generates while blending is not the reason for terminating the nutrient of your smoothie or Juice. The fact is true that heat destroys nutrient, but that occurs at the time of cooking.

Does blending destroy Fiber?

People think blending destroy Fiber from fruits and vegetables. But, if you blend fruit, the amount of Fiber doesn’t get lost, that enhance the Fiber for our body to absorb. The thing is very natural that we cannot swallow whole fruit. We need to chew and eat when we consume food the Fiber inside that broken into small pieces and supply us Nutrient inside that.

Without splitting Fiber, the nutrients inside that cannot get absorbed by our body. Our digestion system cannot split Fiber when you blend fruit or vegetable, the Fiber inside that broken into more small pieces than chewing.

So, the concept is now clear to you that blending broken the Fiber and take out the Nutrient and make them absorbable to our body.

That means blending doesn’t destroy Fiber that helps to get more Nutrient.

We clarified all the confusion and misconception about the destroying Nutrient and Fiber in blending fruits and vegetables.

Now the thing is clear that blending helps us to get more Nutrient from Fiber and the Nutrient get a little bit down for Oxidation.

Broken Fiber can reduce sugar from your blood that you get from blending fruit or Vegetables.

So, if you don’t want to lose Nutrient, drink the smoothie as fast as possible. Make your smoothie from fresh fruit or vegetables and don’t preserve them for a long time. The more you preserve, the more you lose Nutrient from that.

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