Can You Freeze Spinach For Smoothies?

Making Smoothie from freeze Spinach is a quick smoothie making trick. The hack decreases the nutrient off your Smoothie, but that is not significant. Blend the Spinach, freeze them and preserve them for making your Smoothie.

Most of the Smoothie made from frozen blended Spinach or fruit. Ice fruits or green leaves can provide the best Smoothie that fresh fruit or Spinach cannot produce.

Whenever you go for making a Smoothie, you have to follow some simple steps. Though fresh green leaves can produce more vitamin, the test of raw blended leaves and Smoothie is different.

Smoothie has a chill factor that other juice cannot offer. Another vital factor is that you cannot preserve fresh juice for a long time when the ice bar can maintain more than that.

Can you freeze spinach for smoothies? Yes! We are here to teach you a smoothie hack making from frozen Spinach.

4 Easy Steps to Freeze For Smoothies

Smoothie Hack Freeze Your Spinach

Step 1: Collect Spinach and make them fresh

First, you have to collect Spinach. Here, you have to remember that fresh leaves wilt and the wilt leaves to damage the other fresh leaves. So, after collecting fresh Spinach, remove the rotten leaves first and go for further processing fast to get the proper nutrient. Because fresh leaves can produce more vitamin and nutrient.

Step 2: Blend your Spinach

After making the leaves fresh, take two cups of water and take your organic Spinach and put them into the blender. Two cups of water with eight cups of Spinach is standard for blending Spinach. Turn on your mixer and blend for 30 seconds. The time varied according to your blender quality.

The best way to get the best-blended juice, you have to wait until the Spinach juice gets a bright green colour with proper blended.

Step 3: Pour the blended Spinach into ice cube tray

Greate! You got the fresh green juice. Now pour the juice into the ice cube tray and send them into freeze. You have to wait till the juice gets solid ice form. After getting the solid ice, you are ready with your frozen Spinach. You can preserve the ice bar for long term use for making your Smoothie.

To preserve the bar you can use a ziplock bag and store them in the freeze.

Step 4: Make your Smoothie with ice bar


Let’s go for more making Smoothie. Put the ice to your blender. Pour some water and blend the ice cube of Spinach. Here you can use any flavour or protein shake to add some chill factor into your Smoothie. You can also add any fruit like sliced banana, half-frozen blueberries.

If you want to get more creamy Smoothie, then you need to add more ice cube or add more water if you wish to light Smoothie. Now pour the Smoothie into your glass, and you are ready to drink your Smoothie.

Does Smoothies destroy nutrient?

The answer is yes but not that much significant.

Is cooking necessary for making Smoothie from Spinach?

You don’t have to cook the Spinach. You can use fresh Spinach directly to your blender.

Can I preserve Spinach in freeze without blending?

You can preserve, but that gets rotten, and the nutrient and vitamins get down. But if you keep them by making an ice bar, that can use for a long time without losing vitamins and also save your time.


Making Smoothie from freeze Spinach is the easiest hack to get a full glass creamy Smoothie within 30 seconds. To add a better test on your Spinach juice, you can add flavour or anything that you want.

In a hurry day, if you are busy with your work and at the same time, you need to boost up yourself then just turn on your blender drop an ice cube of Spinach into the blender and get your fresh Smoothie. Drink and boost your mind and body and get back to your work.

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