How to make Ice cream with Ninja Blender – Easy Recipe Guide

Ninja professional blender is one of the best there is, with all of the needed functions (including processing, ice crushing and blending), all in one shape. 

Ninja blender can be used for various food related activities such as controlled processing, pureeing, blending and ice crushing. This handy kitchen appliance is designed for making fruit juices and smoothies amongst others.

Ninja blenders also have the additional benefit of making delicious ice-cream with less stress, as it is specially designed to make different flavors of ice-cream including vanilla, chocolate and fruit flavored ice-creams seamlessly. With its attractive design and topnotch performance, the blender is an excellent choice when it comes to making yummy homemade ice-cream

How to make Ice cream with Ninja Blender

Making ice-cream with Ninja blender

There are different methods for making ice-cream with Ninja blender depending on the flavor that you prefer. Ice cream is a combination of different ingredients in the required measurement, too much or too little of an ingredient would mess up the whole process. The ingredients needed for making ice-cream includes: Flavorings, Sugar, Ice cubes, Milk and your favorite toppings.

Steps involved in making delicious Vanilla flavored ice-cream with Ninja blender:

There are a few precautions to be taken when making your ice-cream using a Ninja blender. They include:

Why Ninja Blender Is Best To Make Ice Cream?

Sleek and outstanding designNinja blender comes in an attractive design, with a vertical shape, beautiful out-casing and control buttons strategically placed at designated points on the blender for easy access.

Lightweight– It has a weight that is considerable light for a blender, and this makes it very easy to transport from one place to another.

Compact SizeNinja blender is notable for its compact size, and it doesn’t need much space for storage.

Almost Noiseless– The motor of the blender is also super quiet especially considering the fact that it has a very high-power rating.

Sharp BladesNinja blenders come with tough and resilient blades, that are powered by motors and are used to shred ingredients into finer particles. The motor of this blender has a power rating of about 1000 watts, which is strong enough to shred even the toughest of ingredients.

High-quality Construction– The blender is made with high quality materials that are strong and durable, they include hardened plastics, thick glass, stainless steel and aluminum which are not prone to easy breakdowns and are quite resistant to elements of wear and tear.

Effective control featuresNinja blender also comes along with effective control features (the high, the low and the pulse setting), for controlling the speed of the blender, depending on the texture of the final product that you desire.

Awesome capacity– The blender has a capacity of around 72 ounces, which is quite higher than the capacity of most blenders and ultimately has the ability to process extra quantities in one blending session.

Bisphenol A free– Bisphenol A is a harmful material used to make hard plastics. Hard plastics makes up a part of most household utensils like cutlery and other household utensils, this material can lead to health complications, including deformations when ingested by any means. Ninja blender lacks this material and is very much safe.

Dishwasher safe– The parts that makes up the blender are very much washable by machines; hence a dishwasher can be used to wash it conveniently without the risk of the appliance getting spoilt.

Reliable brand– The blender is manufactured by Ninja, a brand renown for making durable and high-quality blenders. They also have a very effective customer service that ensures that their customer’s complaints and recommendations are well attended to.

Ninja blender is undoubtedly a great asset to every kitchen, especially when it comes to making delicious ice-creams effortlessly, with Ninja blender you can prepare your favorite flavors of yummy ice-cream with less stress as it is easy to use, very much safe and quite affordable.

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